Touch xWallet V1.0

Touch xWallet is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum. With built-in fingerprint scanning feature for secure user authentication, strong security is provided using a Secure Element (SE) chip for smart wallet key management. During a cryptocurrency transaction, the sent amount is displayed on E-Paper graphic display and a secure transaction is possible with an electronic signature through fingerprint authentication
Supported Cryptocurrencies


Fingerprint-Authenticated Smart Wallet with integrated Biometric Security, Secure Element Protection, and OTP Security Technology

Secure Element (SE) ChipKey Creation and Management within Secure Element (SE) chip, ECDSA Electronic Signature
Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Authentication, Manage registered fingerprints within Secure Element (SE) chip Navigation button for feature selection after fingerprint authentication
Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Dynamic Creation and Management of Bluetooth Pairing Key (Pairing key can be confirmed after fingerprint authentication) Electronic-signed transaction through BLE data communication between smartphone and PC
Display (E-Paper) Wallet address (QR code) and total balance can be confirmed.
Sent-amount from the mobile App can be displayed and verified.

Product Certification and Technologyl   FIDO Certified

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